Where to now……

This blog is the beginning to my greatness.

It’s taken me a while to get to this stage where I can share my ideas with you. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a book, then decided, gosh where to start, what to add, so here we are friends. I decided a blog a better idea as most of us are on our phones, ipads, laptops and so on. Times are moving so fast that a book would be great, but for now a blog, easier. I want these pages to be filled with recipes, patterns, craft ideas, antique chats and much more.

You possibly wondering why the blog title; Debby Dash. I don’t sit still too often and a nickname my very special friend, Glennis gave me… my family and friends are left exhausted watching me as there has to be either a very good movie on TV or good company to keep me still. I must admit, my nugget keeps me still some times. Just watching him and absorbing all the wonderful moments together is so much more fun than zipping around like a ‘flea in a fit’.

I write from the heart. My pages are not here for grammar correction or spelling (thank goodness for spell check) but rather a bond I would like to create with you.

Why now a blog and not before….

Goodness, the amount of  word documents I have saved with words for a paragraph or diagrams for a project are so many. I deleted all of those word documents, cleaned the slate and now with the grace of my beautiful Mom, together we can get this project off the ground. I feel inspired by life in general, and in a small way I know that whatever I say in a blog, will help someone else going through the same journey.

My mom, my best friend, passed away 6/6/16. I went into a deep state of depression, withdrew from the world, the beauty of life. I cry (not from sadness but from the absolute love my mom had for me, my sisters and my brother) when I remember the last moments we had together. The conversations we had, her laughter, her beautiful smile, my mom’s wisdom and those famous words we all know….. you’ll be ok my girl! I love you more Mom ♥

I dabble a little in antiques. All fine china is pretty for me. The older, the better. I’ve met so many amazing people through the various antique groups on Facebook, that some have become extremely good friends..

So, let’s begin this journey. These pages are inspired by you and dedicated to those that can make a difference in their own lives. Please enjoy them and comment. I would like to hear from you.

Love always