This Menopausal B*tch Wears Prada!


In the past few months I embarked on a creative journey filling a gap that was quite obvious, the passing of my mom and the ’empty nest syndrome’.  With all these emotions came the added irritation, the short temper, the insomnia, the hot flushes and these were some of the signs that my life was in the throes of change…. I didn’t take notice. I am 54 (and every year I would need to edit this +1), and I had a hysterectomy 14 years ago. I was left with my ovaries and my gynecologist said I did not need HRT. So the ‘gentle’ transition whereby my period stopped did not happen and now that I think about it, would it have made a difference?

I found the slightest interruption, left me irritated and with a deep sigh ready to tackle the task. When I got home to face cooking super or to catch up on housekeeping chores made me so mad at my husband, wondering if he could at least start the dinner, or pack the flippin washing away. I look back at these moments and realize that if I had asked for help and explained what I felt with the changes I experienced in me what would become, the mature body, my life would have been a little easier.

I read that women experience menopause very differently. Some sail through it, whilst others including myself turn into a ‘Devil wearing Prada’. Jokes aside, if anyone told me that I would have felt remotely what I did, I would have run for the hills.

Literary it felt like it was an overnight job. My body changed shape, my skin became drier, my clothes looked awful on me and my attitude sucked! My family irritated me and the feeling of no-one understands whats happening to me was all I could think about. Little did I know, that my brain and nervous system was being rewired to give me the mechanisms to cope with the next phase of my life…. my mature years.

I visited my homeopath and a wonderful woman she is, worked with me and gave me remedies to take. She advised me to watch what I ate, exercise, sleep, drink plenty water and meditate. I have to admit that my diet did get better, exercise was a challenge and don’t let me get started with meditation. I became an insomniac overnight and let me explain how much that messes around with your senses, especially the concentration bit. I increased my evening primrose oil dosage and added calcium with boron to my list of supplements.

I feel a bit more in control and constantly remind myself that this phase of my life will pass. However I accept or fight it, it is still going to happen to me. So, I suppose I best pull up my granny panties, take a deep breath and roll with the punches…..

Signing off for now….. The Devil Wears Pink Prada… lol xoxoxo



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