Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

I’ve taken a chocolate cake recipe I posted a while ago and adjusted it for a cupcake mix. I found that a chocolate batter is much thinner than the normal vanilla batter and use a jug to pour the batter into the cups. This recipe makes 18 cupcakes and I can say without a doubt that these cupcakes are really moist and ubber delicious. The icing is rich and smooth in texture. I find the longer you whip your icing for the smoother and easier its becomes to work with.


1 cup all purpose flour
¾ cup sugar
3 tsp baking powder
60ml cocoa powder
3 eggs
60ml oil
125ml warm water
1 tsp vanilla essence
Pinch salt


4 cups icing sugar
½ cup cocoa powder
125g butter
60ml made coffee
1tsp vanilla essence
3 – 4 Tbs Milk


Preheat oven 180° and line cupcake tin with paper cups. Makes 18 cupcakes.

Mix the eggs till pale. Slowly add sugar.
Combine cocoa, oil, water and vanilla essence. Mix well.
Sieve flour, baking powder and salt.
Slowly pour dry ingredients into the egg mixture, alternate with liquid.
Blend well.

Pour liquid into cups and bake for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and immediately remove from pan. Leave to cool.


Soften the butter. Add icing sugar and cocoa powder, alternate with coffee. Add 1 Tbs of milk at a time to make the icing smooth and easier to work with.

Decorate. Enjoy!!!!

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