A page from a busy lady’s diary

My goodness. It’s mid afternoon and it feels like I’ve been awake for 2 days already!

My day starts at 5.30am. I do my best to attend to as many chores in my house before I leave for work at 8am. I can promise you, this never happens. It’s either 8.10 or sometimes 8.30 before I put my car into first gear and speed out the driveway, heading for another exciting day in the office. Okay, so if you had to see my face when I say exciting, then you’ll know it was a little sarcasm that slipped onto my keyboard.

I’m currently at the end stages of handing my much-loved manuscript to my printer for ‘the book’ that’s been in the pipeline for over 10 years. What started off as a small project has grown into publishing my first cookbook. And to better this news, I’m already in the throes of testing recipes for my second and possibly third book. Talk about the life of a busy business woman / domestic goddess / wife / mother / granny /cat mother / feral lookafterer (yip I know there’s no word like that, go along with me) and don’t forget, me, Debby. Phah!


I’m very excited about my new cook book and at the same time, very nervous. This is definitely a selfish side of me revealing itself to the world. I’m about to birth a book and concerned about it’s future….

Ah well, let me get finished with my 1000th chore.

Till later


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