Chinese Beef & Broccoli


This is a far cry from the traditional beef dishes I cook and I must confess, the dish is tasty and easy to make. Ensure you cut the meat really thin as this reduces the cooking time down considerably. If you can’t buy flank, then choose topside. Your butcher should assist you further.


500g Flank / Topside

Large bunch of broccoli

Vegetable oil

3Tb Sherry

125ml Soya sauce, low sodium

2Tb Brown sugar

1″ Ginger, grated

2 Cloves of garlic, grated

3Tb Corn starch

125g Beef Stock

1tsp Oyster sauce


Slice the meat into super thin slices.

Mix together the sherry, soya sauce, brown sugar, corn starch, garlic and ginger in a jug. Pour half this amount over the meat in a bowl to marinade for a bit.

In a large pan, heat the vegetable oil. Add the broccoli heads with a small amount of steam to the oil and allow to sweat till its a bright green. Remove the broccoli. Add the meat to the same pan. Spread the meat evenly over the base. Stir continually or the sauce will burn because of the sugar.

Add the balance of the sauce and the beef stock. Carry on cooking, stirring all the time till the meat is cooked through. Before you add the broccoli, add the oyster sauce. The sauce brings a richness to the dish. A little goes a far way!

Heat the broccoli through. Serve in a bowl.




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