Fried egg with tomato


Waking up on a lazy Sunday, eating a really good breakfast on the deck over looking the valley…. I hope I’ve painted the picture for you. Sunday is a day we all should spoil ourselves, and I mean really spoil ourselves with ‘ABSOLUTELY NOTHING’. Read a book, watch a little telly, snooze on the couch…. all sooo lazy Sunday like….


10 Cherry Tomatoes

1 Clove garlic

Olive oil

2 Eggs

Slice of toasted Ciabatta

Fresh Thyme




In a pan, heat the oil. Add the cherry tomatoes. Allow to fry a little, then add the grated garlic, salt and thyme. Let it simmer a little till the tomatoes are soft. Squish a few tomatoes, this releases a more intense taste.

Remove from heat.

In a pan, add oil. Fry the egg. Toast the ciabatta.

Plate up and ENJOY!!!!

PS: This serves 1….. Let me know

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