A love for Cats <3


Hi there friends

‘My Feral Project’ is a privately funded project looking after a colony of cats in the industrial area of Park Rynie on the south coast of KZN, or Durban, South Africa.

Funds are raised via donations, selling / auctioning porcelain and now currently working on handmade cat baskets / beds. This has been a tremendous project to work on as its taught me a lot about feral cats and I learn something new every day. I have homed ferals in the past but somehow these ferals are a little different.

Its started in January 2018 when Daisy, an abandoned domestic cat had her 2 kittens in our factory. Me, being a cat lover, well, fell in love with these 2 little furballs. They are I think about 12 weeks now and I’ve home them in my home. Sucker for punishment, I know. Daisy is at the factory with at least 7 others cats. She’s the alpha female in the colony and let me tell you, I’ve seen her beating up a few boys. She’s the sweetest girl with so much love to give, its difficult to think how someone can just disregard her.

So far with the funds I’ve raised, 3 females have been spayed and vaccinated. Food and bedding is provided for in our factory, and a cat trap has been ordered to continue trapping, sterilizing and releasing…

Marmite is another female in the colony. I suspect she’s about 6 months old. The sweetest little cat. She’s slowly warming up to me and gives me a tummy show, and shut eyes… my heart belongs to them!

If ever there was a love to share, its called cats!

Updates are also on my Facebook page: My Feral Project

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