Good old fashioned MILKTART


I have baked at least 8 different milktarts to find the ‘one’.

I found this wonderful recipe and it was in Afrikaans and for the microwave. I’m not a microwave cook and prefer the old fashioned stir till your arm hurts kinda gal! I have baked dozens of this milktart and each time, it tastes better than the one before. I guess, like the granadilla cake, chocolate cake and curries, this has become the favourite for the time being (however long that is).


1 Packet Tennis Biscuits

80g Stork

1 Tin condensed milk

3 tins milk (use the same tin to measure the milk)

3 Tablespoons Maizena / Corn Flour

1 Tablespoon custard powder

2 Eggs (at room temperature)

1 Tablespoon Stork

A pinch of salt

5ml Vanilla

Cinnamon to sprinkle



Break biscuits to form crumbs. Its always easier to place the biscuits in a blender and blitz them till they form crumbs. Add the melted stork margarine to the crumbs and mix well. Press this mixture into a standard size pie dish and freeze till you ready to use it.


I like to start with egg mixture first. In a mixer, break the eggs and beat till almost white. Add the maizena, custard powder and salt and beat well.


In a pot, empty the tin of condensed milk, and with the same tin, add 2 (tins) of milk. Add the 3rd tin of milk into the egg mixture. Blend that gently. 

On the stove heat the milk mixture and stir. Add the butter. Once the milk starts to boil remove from the heat. Slowly add the heated mixture into the egg mixture and continue stirring. Add the vanilla essence.

Pour back into the pot using a sieve. This will stop any bits of solid egg going into your mixture. You don’t want scrambled eggs in the tart!!

Here’s the tricky bit…. stir, and don’t stop stirring, over a low heat till the mixture reaches a custard consistency. Remember your tart still needs to set and the the mixture will continue to thicken. Don’t allow the mixture to get to stiff in the pot or you will have rubber. Remove from the stove.

Remove the base from the freezer. Gently pour the custard mixture onto the biscuit base. Spread evenly with a pallet knife. Sprinkle cinnamon on and leave to cool.

Once cool, place back into the fridge.

This has been one of the best recipes I’ve ever tried and tested and can honestly say, its never failed me… ENJOY!!!! and let me know






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