Mom & Me

IMG-20160423-WA008Hey Ma

What can I say, busy is an understatement.

I saw a pic on a social network and it pretty much explains how our lives are. I have so much work I need to get through and extra bits of writing that require my attention that I feel I’m thinning myself out into a phyllo sheet!

I find even though I wake up so much earlier, my day always seems shorter and less gets done. I suppose this can also be an illusion. Guess life is full of those at the moment…

My yearly medical check that was meant to happen in January, eventually got done yesterday. Thankfully I’m healthy and whole… still not too sure about the ‘hole’ bit.

It’s been a year and nine months since you left on the Heavenly Flight… it still feels like this morning I received that horrid call. I miss you terribly Mom, the small chats, the laughter, the sharing of all sorts of bits and pieces…. I miss you Mom.

Love you always

PS: When the wind blows and a breeze gently touches my face, I’ll know its from you

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