Week 4 – The end is near…


At this stage of the juicing challenge, my body craved everything fresh. The thought of integrating back into eating food left me anxious.

The more I juiced, the more I looked forward to my next ‘meal’. After week 2, I suffered from constipation and ate small amount of almonds for roughage. In week 3 I got a stomach bug. Now, according to the Universal Law, one doesn’t get a tummy bug for nothing. So, yip, a free clean out! Don’t be alarmed when your stool is red. Remember you drinking huge amounts of beetroot.

If you’ve decided to do the 28 day challenge, give yourself a tap on the back. This is not for the faint-hearted. You need to remind yourself why you doing it and the results you want to achieve.

I shopped mainly at Woolworths for most of the vegetables and fruit and Food Lovers for the larger quantities I needed. As I progressed into the challenge I found myself becoming quite fussy with my choice of store. I suppose you can’t really help that considering you only want the best in your body. 




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