Watch the Cravings


The first 2 weeks where incredibly difficult with all the cravings coming through for all that wonderful no-no foods. I was still cooking daily meals for my Renault man and of course to make matters worse, he has a sweet tooth.

Now the worst for a cook is to not taste their food. Heavens above, was I tested with my measuring. Thankfully Renault man approved all the meals with a simple clean plate filled with gratitude. 

Jason Vale, whom I’ve been following for 10 years has been my inspiration through each and every juice challenge. He posts SOS videos on his Facebook page to inspire and boost you through, what could be, a lonely journey. I can assure you that people will be negative about your selection of food intake over the desire period you’ve chosen. All  you can hear are: ‘you wont be able to make it’, or ‘all you drinking is juice, that’s not healthy’, or ‘you loosing weight to fast and you’ll put it back on’. Honestly, we all grown ups and you will know whats right for you. Always listen to your body!

After 21 days your cravings are just memories! 

Enjoy the new you emerging…. ♥


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