Day 2 – 4 can be quite a NIGHTMARE


I have to admit that once you decide to embark on this amazing adventure there has to be some amount of brain washing on one self. From day 2 to I would go as far as day 5, every possible craving takes place. Your body aches from all the toxins released, your mouth feels like the inside of the dustbin, you get horrible headaches and you have a runny tummy. Sounds awesome hey?

My advise to you, do NOT give up. Remind yourself what lies ahead is the newer and healthier you. Take a photo of the slimmer you and stick it on your fridge as motivation. The juicing challenge does not have to be 28 days, try just 7 days.

My reasons started as a few but the moment I got more involved with my juicing challenge I realised it was for more than wanting to loose the extra weight, feel healthier. I wanted the extra energy, the flawless complexion, and just feeling flipping awesome.

My first week I lost an amazing 3.5kg. I was super proud of myself. I downloaded Jason Vales’s SUPER JUICE ME app onto my phone and live according to those recipes. Far better than the older version recipes I got so used to from his books.

Remember they key words: DON’T GIVE UP!!!!

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