A Juicy Tale


Juicing has been something I’ve done for the past 15 years. The longest I remember going is a month, with a combination of juices and raw foods. My health improved by 100%, my skin glowed and I’m sure I could hear the grass grow and the neighbours gossip (lol).

So why now and why the STRICTLY JUICING ONLY story.

Today is my first day and I’ve already drunk 3 juices, 3 cups of lemon water and I’m feeling stuffed. Not like Christmas turkey stuffed but rather liquid stuffed. The fatigue has crept in and every now and then I feel myself taking a short walk outside and my concentration is poor too.

A little while ago I embarked on the journey of cooking and baking. My family and especially Renault man loves (emphasis on the LOVE) sweet delights after supper. Nothing for me to slap up a pudding and serve it with ice cream or custard. Oodles of deliciousness, yip, my clothing doesn’t think so! And if that’s not the worse thing, then Woolies new Blueberry Cheesecake. This product should be banned from its shelves for ever.

The past few days I have psyched myself up for my 28 day juice challenge. Going cold turkey and finding the courage to say No thanks takes a little psyching. The main reasons for my juicing are to rid the toxins in my body, remove the unwanted weight and really feel good about myself again. With all the sugar consumption, I have become lethargic, depressed, moody and just a body filled with unhappy matter.

This morning I started with a glass of hot water with lemon, after that I juiced an apple and about a centimeter of ginger. That’s my kick start to the day. Breakfast was an avo smoothie with pineapple and lemon and lunch was a Beat-Carrot juice filled with carrots, apples, parsnip, lemon and beetroot. Absolutely delicious and so filling.

Teatime juice; a yellow pepper, apple, celery and ginger juice. Supper, a butternut and carrot soup.

The hardest part: keeping your mind off the sweet snacks

The easy part: reminding yourself why you doing this!!!

Till tomorrow juicing buddies

If you thinking about doing this juicing thing, watch this:



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