Mom & Me

Hey Ma

Every time I think about this, I get that warm fuzzy feeling all over.

Since little nugget came into the Mad Hatter’s Tea party, I’ve taken endless photos of this little fella. Now that his walking, goodness, my mobile is constantly set to video his ‘Charlie Chaplin’ walk.

So whats the fuzziness? Well, I have a remarkable bunch of very special friends. I feel they all have slotted into your spot. Well, the reason I write this is, they receive all the photos and videos you supposed to receive on your mobile or social network. That stuff you so abhorred. But, silly me forgets, you see our little nugget whenever you want.

What a blessed little person he is to have you and Mom Valerie around. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has Granny Vic too. On that subject of ghostly stuff. Stacy told me a story, that all you ghostly beings can relate too… hum, I can feel you smiling already.

They were having dinner one evening last week, and nugget was staring into space. Next minute, he turned his head as if watching someone, smiled and reached out his arms for an uppy! Ok, so whoever is responsible for toying with my nugget, please own up! Yeah, I thought you’d enjoy that….

IMG-20160421-WA001 (2)
One of those amazing moments with mom. We knew she was getting better, she was worried about her hair! Here she’s telling us no selfies…. geez we laughed at her… miss you ma


Ah well, back to the grind stone, a few bits of important paper work to email for my Renault man. Sweet moments…. ♥

Love you more and always


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