Mom & Me


Hey Ma

Today is absolutely beautiful on the South Coast. Gosh, we are so lucky to live here. I remember how you loved to see all the ‘green’ when you visited. Now you see it all the time, lucky lady!

I cooked salted beef for my Renault man last night and had such a giggle when I remembered the Christmas you cooked salted beef. You arrived at the river, fuming because the cat ate some of the beef. My Renault man was so absorbed at the reddish beauty lying on the decorated table, that not even the story of the cat stopped him from devouring the meat.

Little Miss Milly tries her luck every now and then when I defrost meat in the kitchen. When she sees me walking towards her with that stern, ‘no Milly’ in my voice, she cries!!! That’s me caught, hook and sinker. Lots of love for my special little girl.

As I look out the door over onto the garden, I see Tiny and the girls lazing in the warm sunlight. There’s a Sunday silence in the air, a welcome to the beautiful day.

I can hear the clock doing its chime. Let me finish off my handmade bath mat!

Love you more and always

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