Mom & Me

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Hey Ma

I received my parcel today filled with the 2 most divine hats. I would assume the hats are dated back to the 1950’s.

When I opened the box, I got the scent of the hats and immediately found myself drawn back to the time Seves and Christa got married. Aunty Eileen’s hat was almost the same as the grey hat in my box. Gosh, can you remember how fancy we all looked?

Then there was a memory that came through, the time you took me to visit one of your lady friends down the road. She had a black and white dog that growled and bit me. You were so angry at the little dog.

But prior to the dog bite, I still see the cups filled with tea and condensed milk. That was the very first time I was introduced to that combination. Just recently I had the very same tea at a little antique store not so far away from home. As I sipped the tea, and watched the lady in the shop, I smiled at that friend of yours…  I was, what, 5 years old.

Awesome memories…

Love you always and forever….


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