Chocolate Mousse – easier than 123


I’ll be honest here, I like my recipes to be easy! I have so much going on in a day that I really require recipes to be fast, fun and tasty.

I was scouting google for a chocolate mousse recipe and came across one of my favourite cooks; Nigella Lawson. This is her recipe and as always, her love for chocolate. I have made this mousse a dozen times and each time, it tastes better. There’s no fuss to this mousse, just like 1 2 3.


250g Dark chocolate disks or pieces (please do not use cooking chocolate)

150g Marshmallows

50g Butter (Stork)

4 Tablespoons recently boiled water

284ml Cream

5ml Vanilla essence

Toss all your ingredients except the cream into a pot. Ensure the heat is low so that it does not cause the contents to boil. Allow the marshmallows to dissolve completely, continually stirring.

Remove the pot off the stove and allow to cool slightly.

Beat the cream till stiff. Gently fold the chocolate mixture into the cream. Add the vanilla essence. Please mix from the bottom of the bowl, so that all the chocolate mixes with the cream. Pour into a bowl or individual glasses and refrigerate.

I usually make this first before I start preparing my main meal. It’s even better if you make this in the morning. The longer in the fridge, the better. And then again, it’s not the traditional chocolate mousse that requires hours in the fridge.

Serve with cream or ice cream… Enjoy! …. and smile

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